American Roots Outdoors TV is a a Faith based Hunting show that will depict and capture the cultures, Reality, Cultures of the Friends that we hunt with.

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Alex Rutledge is a native of Birch Tree, Missouri.  He was born and raised around the outdoors all of his life.  Alex and his wife, Lynda have been married 23 years and have a daughter, Mallory.

Alex is an accomplished turkey, deer, elk, and predator caller.  He holds several turkey calling titles.  Alex thanks his brothers and father for teaching him about the great outdoors.

Alex began his career in the outdoor industry over 29 years ago.  His career began when he won the 1988 National Gobbling Championship.  At this time he was employed by Hunter’s Specialties, as a field staff member.

Throughout the years he has always been affiliated with major outdoor manufacturers and promoted many of their products in his endeavors.  Alex is arguably one of the best whitetail and turkey hunters in the nation.  Alex, being the youngest (at that time), was inducted into the National Outdoors Hall of Fame in 2007.

Alex founded the nationally known T.V. Hunting show, Bloodline with Alex Rutledge.  He is the owner and host of his local hometown radio show, Alex Rutledge Outdoors Radio which airs on 8 netorks.

Alex continues to be aggressive in the outdoor industry, making appearances for churches, schools, and many other outdoor events, including major box stores.

Currently, Alex and his family have started a new endeavor.  They have created a trademarked name in the outdoor industry.  The name is “American Roots Outdoors TV”.  AROTV will depict and capture the reality side of hunting, fishing, and the cultures of friends, faith, and heritages, as well as our Constitutional rights.  AROTV is about “US”, every true outdoorsman or woman, and American Christians.  Our motto is, “When your roots are deep and strong, there is no reason to fear the wind”.