Welcome to Been There - Earned That

You've worked hard for those race bibs and medals, now it's time to get them out of your drawer, and on display! No runner wants their bib to end up a crumpled up piece of paper, considering it's one of the things they earned as a result of all the hard work and dedication it takes to cross the finish line.

Speaking of medals, which we know you don't want to keep them in a drawer or a box in the closet, choose from our multiple styles of medal hangers, available in multiple sizes and all works of functional art that will be an eye-catching centrepiece in any room of a home, and put those irreplaceable medals on display, where they belong. Any of our bib or medal displays are special gifts that runners will cherish for years, with many styles that can be customized for an extra special touch.

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Our Story…

Welcome to Been There – Earned That. We are glad you stopped by today. My name is Elizabeth and I started this company along with my dad, Jerry and the support of our family. Here at BT – ET we make customized /customizable / individualized wooden wall medal/award displays by hand because a machine did not earn your medal how could it ever display the pride that came with earning it?  CONTINUE READING

Been There Earned That

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

Display Your Hard Work

Discover the best way to display your HARD WORK with our running medal and bib displays.  Our displays are completely customizable and made to order.

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Small Oval
9” x 12”

Small Fancy Oval
9” x 12”

Small Rectangle
9” x 12”

Medium Rectangle
12.5” x 16.6”

Small Oval Dark & Light Stained

Small Rectangle Dark & Light Stained

Small Fancy Oval Dark & Light Stained