Walt Naveen is a New York stock broker. When he was only fresh out of high school, he went to work for CGA Global. A world renowned resource for oil, wind, and solar energy. Just working six short years, Walt ammased a large sum of money! He invested every penny back into the corporate stock. He loved investing so much, he quit his current job and got his stock brokers license. Since 1966, Walt's personally held stock has split 4 times, and is worth in excess of 1.5 million dollars. Fearing that crooks knew his net worth and would stop at nothing to steal it, he locked the valuable stock in a safe, locked the office, and fled the country. Here is where your group comes in. Walt has sent you a letter and with subtle hints he is counting on you to retrieve his fortune! Find the stock and flee the room before the crooks arrive. You have one hour. Oh and Walt will reward you with one third of the stash!! That equals half of one million dollar$! Get to it!



  1. Have Fun!
  2. No destruction of property
  3. No foul language
  4. Do not force locks

Wall Street