Church of Christ
Evangelist Clint Yarber

1000 State Route K  |  Pottersville, Missouri 65790  |  Tel:  (417) 256-5196 Web: WELCOME!

The churches of Christ welcome you to worship the Lord with us. We are here to serve God and to assist you in your walk with the Lord.

When you worship with Gospel Hill Church of Christ, you will notice our emphasis on God’s word.  Worship must be directed by Christ if we expect to be pleasing unto God.  <READ MORE>


Schedule of Services


From US Hwy. 63, turn west onto MO State Hwy. K and travel 11.7 miles.  We are located at the intersection of MO State. Hwy. K and County Road 7530.  <Click Here to View Map>

About the Gospel Hill Congregation

The church of our Lord is one of the greatest institutions upon the face of the earth.  It had the greatest architect, God; it had the greatest price paid for her, the blood of our savior.  There have been those down through the ages who have loved her enough that they were willing to sacrifice their lives, their wealth, and their time for the well-being of the church.  Those of us who are now a part of the church at Gospel Hill ought to especially be thankful to those who had a love for God, his truth, and for the souls of men and women of this community.  They had enough conviction to see the need of having the gospel preached here in the summer of 1909.   This effort was put together and encouraged by two women.  They were Elizabeth Betty McGoldrick and Cynthia Story.  Elizabeth was the grandmother to Bob and Harry McGoldrick.  Cynthia was the grandmother to Myrtle Roberts and Herman Story.
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