September 30, 2017

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Ages 2 and under FREE
$3 per person (shoppers only)
$10 per person (most activities included)

Not included with admission:

Big Zipline $15 per person
(ages 10 and up)

Pony rides $5

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017
Pumpkins $3-10
Bushel Gourds $3
Pink Jumbos $4
In-Between $2-4
Turks Turbins $3-5
Hubbards $4-6
Jack Be Littles $0.50
Acorn Squash $1
Watermelons $3
Corked Neck Squash $4
Bird House Gourds $4
Canteen Gourds $2
Speckled Swan $3
Cinderella $7
Lumina $4-8
Winged Gourds $1
Little Gourds $1
Batwing Pumpkins $1
Apple Gourds $3
Fall Decoration Straw bales $4
Corn Stalk Bundles $5
Small Indian Corn $2
Large Indian Corn $3
Mums $6-15

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Call or Text to Schedule 417-372-0389 It’s PUMPKIN PATCH TIME! Cost Effective Website Solutions by Ozark Mountain Designs OZARK MOUNTAIN DESIGNS Tuesday-Saturday 9 am to 6 pm | Sunday Noon to 6 pm

Pumpkin Patch Express

Take a train ride on the Pumpkin Patch Express to discover farm facts and to get a closer view of the pumpkins growing in the field.

Horse and Wagon Ride

Hop on the wagon for an exciting horse drawn wagon ride.

Animal Maze

Your little one will love making their way through the roundbale maze and possibly making a few new animal friends along the way.

Monster Slide

Kids can slide down a 40 foot slide.

Corn Maze

Find your way through the 30 acre maze full of wrong turns


The zipline is up and running so zip on over to the pumpkin patch.

Mini Zipline

Let your kids enjoy the fun on their own zipline