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What area of Missouri do you practice in?

The firm is located in South Central Missouri. We practice in a 10 county area: Howell, Oregon, Shannon, Carter, Wright, Douglas, Ozark, Ripley, Texas and Pulaski counties. We have been before Courts outside of this area on occasion so feel free to contact us to discuss the matter. We also know many attorneys throughout the state and can refer you to someone closer to the location you need.

How are you paid?

In general, attorneys are either paid on a contingency fee or by retainer with hourly billing. On some cases, this firm simply charges a flat fee. For most traffic tickets we charge a flat fee, although this is subject to variation if it becomes necessary to conduct a jury trial. In criminal cases we quote an initial retainer fee that will cover the work up to but not including the jury trial. Personal Injury work is usually handled on a contingency fee basis. We accept most forms of payment including credit card.