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PROCESS “An outline of the steps required to take a web design project from inception to completion and beyond”


I will say that this is the most important stage of the entire process “Get it right in the early stages and it will be easier in the latter”.

Please refer to my questionnaire that I like my clients to complete - this will give me plenty of information on which to base the website on.



This is where the information gathered from stage 1 will be used to either put pen to paper or pixels to screen.  A visual representation will be exchanged between parties.  We continue to work with you to ensure that our proposal meets the requirements of your business.



The point at which the website is created.  All the parts of the design created in stage 2 will be put into use for a functioning site.  It is regularly tested in all browsers.



At this stage you will be 100% satisfied with the website.  Preparation for public viewing will commence.  Files will be uploaded to the chosen server.


Post Launch

The true value of the website will be known after launch.  This is when you find out how your website is received.  Also known as the maintenance period.  I work with the clients to update, maintain, support and even possibly build more pages if necessary.  We can closely monitor your website to ensure that you are happy with the final product, and we have met all goals.

5Website QuestionaireClick the above to view my client questionaire.  You can download by clicking on the disk icon and then send it to  me via email.